Service Schedule:

For a current celebration of Holy Days (Holidays), in which special gatherings are held and centered around (for public & members) include (see calendar below for events): 

Weekly Events:

We celebrate New and Full Moons with drum circle and intention manifestation services which is roughly every 14 days. We hold a weekly Sunday service and teaching that is centered around celebration of the Sun and everything Solar.

Monthly Events:

AudiOasis is our main monthly gathering held usually on the third Saturday of every month. Subject to change based on other holidays, special astrological occurrences, and other events.

Women’s Temple is one of our new events for the divine feminine beings within MAGE Church to gather in private and share sacred space and ritual together.

Men’s Temple is one of our new events for the divine masculine beings within MAGE Church to gather in private and share sacred space and ritual together.

Dream Temple is a monthly event of sound healing and light chakra awakening ritual ceremony.

Annual Holidays:

Astrological New Years; Both Western/Georgian and Eastern/Chinese/Zodiacal 

Quarterly and Sub-quarterly Events:

Eostara- Easter; celebration of Spring, goddess, earth, elemental rituals including fire and water ceremonies and evocations, new beginnings, fertility and birth, the planting of seeds (physically and metaphorically). 
BeltaineMay Day, Sun at 15 degrees Taurus. Celebration of Sexuality. Flower leis/wreaths are worn signifying the union between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The color green is the theme, securing protection from evil and bringing good luck to all that wear it. Bonfires are lit to welcome the coming of Spring and pray for an abundant Summer. The maypole dance is the centerpiece ritual in which the male members of MAGE carry on their shoulders a 20’ maypole, decorated with flowers and ribbons, into the center of the [field], placed in a hole and anchored with rocks. Everyone grabs one of the many long ribbons hanging from the crown. As we dance to be beat of drums and instruments, the pole gets weaved with the ribbons. 

LithaSummer Solstice, Midsummer. Celebration of joy, abundance, dance, and play. A festival is centered around families, married partners, and children. Potluck feast, live music, and entertainment. Altars are decorated with summer flowers, white cloth, candles, and water. The element of water is celebrated during the sunlight hours and fire is celebrated during the night/dark hours as both are equal on this day.

Lughnasadh- Sun at 15 degrees Leo, Thanksgiving, The beginning of Autumn. A celebration centered around the Divine Masculine energy. Games centered around competition, strength, and skills are played. After the games, a community outdoor feast, celebrating the first of the harvest. Yellow is the color of this holy day, altars are dressed in this color to represent the harvest. 

MabonAutumn Equinox. Preservation is celebrated. The recognition of the Green God, the fruits and vegetation, the Mark of Osiris’ decent into the underworld, the onset of winter. A feast to celebrate family, community, and the bond thereof. A time to give thanks. Rituals centered around reflecting the year and the [metaphorical] seeds that were planted during Eosara that have manifested and have been harvested. 

Samhaim- Sun 15 degrees Scorpio, All-Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead. Candles are lit and placed throughout the Church and members’ homes. Food and drink offerings are placed for the spirits and souls of the physically deceased. Underworld foods (mushrooms, nuts, black olives, beans, chocolate, etc.) are shared in total silence, as the beloved dead and spirits are invited to join the feast and be remembered in honor and love. Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins are carved and treats are shared with children as all are invited to dress up in masks and costumes. The veil between the worlds is thinnest at this point of the year and spirits are welcomed to commune with the living. 

YuleWinter Solstice, longest night of the year, Festival of Lights. Decoration of trees and church and home with lights, exchange of presents within the community, family, and friends. Handmade crafting, artwork, and projects are encouraged as gift exchange. 

Oimelc, Imbolc, Brigantia- Sun 15 degrees Aquarius. A celebration centered around the Divine Feminine energy. Festival of lights and fertility, celebrating pregnancy, birth, and lactation. Fire in the form of candles and torches. Inspiration, healing, and the celebration of rites of passages, womanhood, and feminine mysteries. Songs, poetry, jokes and stories are shared around a fire. Healing herbal teas. Red and white are the colors for the altar. A tradition of sweeping the floors of the rooms and temple, symbolizing making room for the new.