Is MAGE a Church?

Yes The Magi Alliance of Gods of Earth (MAGE) is a Church located in the State of Hawaii. We are not a conventional Church and chances are probably unlike anything you have experienced before. We strive to be the creation for yours and humanities spiritual needs and desires. We only seek out the Truth and we don't stop until we find it. We are a collective that strives to operate with consensus as much as possible. While the clergy of the church do teach extensively from their own knowledge base, we encourage the individual to learn how to be taught directly from the Universe itself. Be your own master. Ultimately if we can succeed in making you a self sustaining spiritual leader of Truth, then we have achieved our goal.

OUR MOTTO: The Universe is my university, the Gods are my teachers, and I Am my Mystery.

Does MAGE Church have a school?

Yes MAGE Church has a school. You can learn from any of the clergy who we call in our church "Magi". They specialize in many areas of study concerning the nature of reality, healing techniques, shamanistic practices of many cultures and traditions, body work, yoga, and of course Magick. 

What type of church is MAGE?

MAGE Church believes in Animism. Animism is the religious classification for Magick. Animism states that there is spirit in all of existence and consciousness runs through everything. Animism philosophically contains all other types of spiritual systems like Pantheism which states everything is divine. If spirit is in all that exists then logically everything is of divine nature if conclude that spirit is in fact divinity.

If everything is Spirit and everything is Divine then naturally it can be assumed that consciousness designates large sections of itself to govern different parts of creation and the universal mind; we call these Gods. So this now brings us to Polytheism: There are many Gods & Spirits within all of existence which all serve a purpose and are in charge of certain tasks.

If there are many types of Gods all serving a purpose to allow creation and existence to take place, then naturally they must be operating from one central vision and in accordance with one central idea and purpose. Which means that Monotheism: All Gods & Spirits are of one central God and Spirit or Source, must also be true.

What we consider to be the universe also may not be the whole of this central God's and Source's being. There is also a Multiverse of Universes out there which we are not able to connect with yet. Which brings us to Panentheism: God includes all the universe, as a part though not the whole of its being. 

Since we are a part of this "everything that exists", we are naturally also of Divine nature and we are but a reflection of the central Gods image experiencing it's very own creation for the purpose of self-knowledge and self-creation. Which is Immanent Divinity: Divinity is within everyone & everything (Thou art God/Goddess).

This in turn brings us right back to Animism: Divine Spirit is Everything, including you and me.

What is a Magi?

The Magi are the Clergy of our church. A Magi is spiritual master well versed in the use of Magick. The term Magi is very old and is the most universal term known across the world for a practitioner of Magick. Magi consists of two syllables "Ma" and "gi". "Ma" is the universal sound for "Mother" found around the world. "gi" generally and loosely means "one who is of", it can be singular or plural. So the word Magi means "One who is of the Mother. This probably has some connection to the goddess of Khem known as Maat, who was the essence of Truth, Justice, Balance, Order, and Math. She was also the husband to the God of Magick; Tehuti (Thoth). It is not known within any main stream sources as to where this word originates as it seems as old as time. But clues within every ancient culture and civilization can be found and perhaps one day we can discover the Truth... and our Mother. 

A Magi is the universal term given to our clergy who may as individuals have a specific title that classifies what they specialize in. Some like to be called Shaman or Mystic, and other may like to be called Witch or Wizard. Each title can tell you what they specialize in and what you can learn from them. Some are good with Herbs while others may be good at communing with the spirits of the earth. No personal title is above another, as all specialties are of the divine knowledge of Magick.

How do I get involved?

Fill out the contact form on our "Contact" page and we will send you a question-air form. Send it back to us and we will see how we can help you along your path. All are welcome to be a part of our Church. If you are already a Magickal person well versed in your spiritual path, ask us how you may get involved to become a Magi within our church.